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Rinse and Repeat

This exhibition was displayed at the VAC at UT for a month in 2024
An exhibition discussing my thesis topic of misogyny in design
Rinse and Repeat is my thesis exhibition in which I displayed my work over the 2 years of my course in a narrative style with an intent to educate. 
My intended audience are individuals who are receptive to critical discourse but my primary focus is on young female designers and aspiring creatives who navigate the complexities of the design industry while grappling with issues of gender inequality and systemic bias. 

In conceptualising the exhibition, I've envisioned three distinct layers that cater to various levels of engagement and interpretation. The surface layer serves as the entry point, where I guide visitors through the objects, providing context and insights into their creation. The intentions are clearly written out and signposted for people to discover. Phrases like “Does that sound familiar?” act as a hand-holding method to lead the more unaware or unfamiliar viewers to the concept that I would like them to look further into. 

Beneath this surface lies a more metaphorical layer, where themes and symbols take on additional significance. The Christian notion of blaming women for the sins of man is entrenched in our knowledge. The depiction of snakes across the walls may be overlooked by the first group, but the people who look just a little further will immediately be able to identify the narrative of temptation in the Garden of Eden. The snakes span the entire way across the exhibition, permeating every wall and touching every concept, much like misogyny has spread through every aspect of our daily lives without our knowledge. 

Finally, the third layer is crafted specifically to resonate with my target audience of female-presenting individuals, addressing their unique perspectives but allowing them a space to reflect. When a person stands in front of the mirror, the mantle appears behind them in a shrouded, almost ghost-like vision. The words “Do you see it now?” suddenly transforms from a physical perception of the object to the concept of self-introspection and the discovery of something hidden. 
By incorporating these multi-layered elements, the exhibition offers viewers a “choose your own adventure” of the depth they wish to access. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about a project or would just like to chat about design or fantasy.