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Darya Pollock is an established multidisciplinary designer and historian with an expertise and passion for historical recreation and preservation. Her primary focus has been to draw attention to female figures and facets of history that are often excluded from conventional education.
To her, the most fascinating and underrated parts of history lie in whispers - things you can discover, the gossip behind the events that caused a rise to prominence, the secrets. 
Darya practices as a proficient seamstress with additional professional experience in carpentry, mural work, creative writing, and luxury kitchen design. Her historical inspirations are evident and artfully presented in much of her work, which has been displayed in various galleries and collections in the UK and United States. 
Darya has also appeared as a guest speaker at multiple conferences in the field of design, most recently at an online conference for Drexel University and the Association of Dress Historians International. 
Through her work, art, and exhibitions, she sets out to pave the road for a new field of design - Experiential History. 

Biography and Education:

Darya was born in Russia and lived out most of her formative years outside of Moscow before moving to the UK at age 12, where she remained for the entirety of her adolescence and early adulthood.
Never restricted in choice, she was always allowed to explore her inventiveness in various formats. As a result, she found herself constantly buried in various design projects as a form of recreation before deciding to pursue it as a career. 
Darya began her higher education as an undergrad at Nottingham Trent University and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Furniture and Product Design, graduating with honors. In between her studies, she spent a lot of time as a prominent member of several branches of the UK LARP community, where she became prolificly known for her seamstressing by creating various forms of garb for many members of the association.
With the completion of her first degree, she immediately began her professional career working for Harrison and Pope as a luxury kitchen designer in Hereford, where she stayed for 2 years before being hired at deVOL in Loughborough until moving to the United States at age 24. 
Darya currently resides in Austin, where she continued her education by completing her Master of Fine Arts in Design at the University of Texas at Austin after receiving a full scholarship and stipend. Her focus there was in historical feminist design, intending to highlight the cyclical nature of history and it’s similarities to contemporary trends in both her thesis and exhibition “Rinse and Repeat”, which was displayed at the Visual Arts Center.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about a project or would just like to chat about design or fantasy.