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Ignis Avem

This design was exhibited in the Bonnington Gallery for several months in 2018
A ritualistic piece concentrated around the concept of female empowerment
This undergraduate project has not left my mind since it was set. It focused on finding a ritual or a habit we went through every day and designing a set of three objects around it - one metal, one cast, and one wood. This was the protoype created to illustate the concept.

Makeup is an incredibly important part of many women’s days, with a lot of women saying that it makes them feel more empowered. Used to face the day and get a needed confidence boost, it takes shape in many forms. I designed a set of items to encourage people to see themselves as warriors - to put on their war paint in the morning. The ritual is as follows: sit down, slide dagger out, put up the hair using it as hair pin, open the mirror, apply makeup, read an affirmation, close the mirror, let down hair, replace dagger.  Durng its exhibition at the Bonnington Gallery in Nottingham, it was one of the most popular exhibits according to the volunteers. This entire piece is made entirely by hand using processes like lathing, casting, and buffing. The mirror is made from one piece of stainless steel, and polished by hand to a mirror finish. The container is hand lathed from beech, and then stained. The dagger is cast from pewter in a bespoke sillicone mould created from a CNC routed CAD model.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about a project or would just like to chat about design or fantasy.