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Grey Matters

A conceptual futures project
In my second year of the MFA, I am experimenting with conceptual futures design.  Drawing parallels between items of antiquity and modern concepts can help us to understand the past and more accurately cast potential futures. This project focuses on constriction of the physical in order to fit specific aesthetic standards - drawing on the outdated practice of tightlacing corsetry.
This storyboard takes place 100 years from now where at the age of 25, everyone’s brains are uploaded into the cloud - “transcendence” - which requires their brains to be installed into a jar and hooked up with wires. There are hundreds of jar types to choose from but the sellers will push new and more expensive models. In this scenario, a girl is talked into choosing an hourglass-shaped jar. When she is uploaded to the cloud, everyone around her can create things with their minds but she is restricted as her brain is being literally constrained by the jar shape. She shrugs and thinks “That’s okay, everyone is jealous of the new model jar”.
I was not trying to find a solution, but rather I was looking to make the viewer uncomfortable as a way to incite a process of critical analysis. As this project was designed to be a series of short films that could be aired on social media platforms as well as film festivals, a storyboard presentation worked best to communicate ideas.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about a project or would just like to chat about design or fantasy.