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A contemporary needlecraft unit specifically designed to be gender neutral

The concept of traditional gender norms is now almost as outdated as Blockbuster. Gender and sex no longer dictate hobbies and interests with more male ausdinces picking up ‘traditionally feminine’ hobbies like sewing and knitting. Yet with this change so prominent in our society, producers still insist on adorning every sewing related object with bows, kittens, and lace. I found that there is a severe lack of gender neutral storage solutions for crafting and haberdashery on the market and decided to change that. Nemsi is a contemporary needlecraft storage solution, designed for the modern crafter.  Aimed at users of all ages and genders, this unit is a must have for any home. Nemsi boasts solid walnut exterior, with a hard maple drawer, and stylish brass inlays. The drawer is ideal for all crafty accessories like yarn, fabric, and patterns, while the top is easily accessible and perfect for the on-hand items like needles, scissors, and treads. The sleek style, and useful compactness of the item make it a perfect fit in any room of the home. The height is ideal for easy access to the top and bottom storage, no matter whether you are stitching on the sofa, or knitting before sleep.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about a project or would just like to chat about design or fantasy.